Grafh & DJ Shay (RIP) - Stop Calling Art Content Cover Art

Grafh &
DJ Shay (R.I.P.)

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Stop Calling Art Content

A transparent Prime Cutt Tape with on body laser printed text, presented in a clear case with full colour printed J-cards. Cellophane wrapped to preserve the piece.

Limited to 50 pieces.
Grafh & DJ Shay (RIP) - Prime Cutt Tape
Grafh & DJ Shay (RIP) - Gourmet Glass Master CD
Our signature Glass Master CD sealed with folded corner cellophane to preserve the piece, and presented with a two page front cover insert.

Limited to 100 pieces.
The album transcript presented in our Book of Rhymes, and produced in the timeless hardback cover format.

Free World Wide shipping.

Limited to 50 pieces.
The Stop Calling Art Content BOXXXET. Includes the extremely limited Book of Rhymes, Glass Master CD, and Prime Cutt Tape.

Free World Wide shipping.

Limited to 5 pieces.
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GourmetDeluxxx is the brainchild brought to life by Lamarrie Essquire, AKA Da Flyy Hooligan, in 2015.

After having the door shut in his face by various labels that he had approached with his first project "SCUM", he quickly learned that music in the U.K. and globally was missing something.

Since then, GDX has gone on to set a worldwide standard for the way artists present their releases. We have also released some monumental projects that play a big part in the way underground hip-hop is viewed in the present day.

Taking a minimalist, contemporary art approach with what we do, it is certainly unique and brings different cultures together for the first time in a long while.
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